Presentations have been a vital component of the business world for a very long time. A well-presented case or project is expected to gain a much larger audience than a report presented without any discussion.

In the past there used to be different modes of media that were coordinated together to give an effective presentation. However, as technology advanced, all the media were made available in one given computer application.

The most popular presentation software available in the world to date is Microsoft PowerPoint. It is regarded as the most reliable, easy to use and diverse presentation application among all.

It started as a very simple presentation building software but over several years it has upgraded to a sophisticated and comprehensive program.

It has a variety of features to offer its users. Below are 10 key features that help to make a better Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Two start options:

The software offers it user two ways of building their presentation from scratch. One is that you can add the required layout of slides one by one according to your needs. The second option offers you a start of title slide and then move on with a built in layout plan.

Although it may not be that difficult of a task to add slides one by one, the built in layout feature is a great way to conserve time and energy.

  1. Use an already saved presentation:

The above two options for starting the building process of a new presentation allows the user to begin from scratch. People can also use a prior saved presentation document and modify it according to their needs and requirements.

There are websites and applications that help you download a variety of already built presentations. You can get new ideas and inspirations from them to customize your own presentation.

  1. Slide Master View:

The slide master view allows the user to view all the slides layouts at the same time. This is again not only a time saving feature but also users to ensure consistency in their design. You can make modifications one master and update them automatically to the others.

  1. Effective arrangement of slides:

Characteristics of an up to the mark presentationthe slide arrangement and information division. An effective layout and proper arrangement of slides in terms of sequence can be very beneficial for delivering your message to the audience. The slide sorting feature of Microsoft PowerPoint allows this rearrangement according to your needs and requirements.

  1. Guiding options:

The latest PowerPoint software provides popping up guides as you scroll, drag and drop off objects on your slides. This makes aligning and right placement much more convenient.

  1. Size your slides:

The new PowerPoint version allows its users to choose a slide size that suits their requirement. This size selection is mainly done based on the medium of display you will be using at the time of the presentation to your audience. You can customize the aspect ratios according to what suits your visuals presentation best.

  1. Size your Objects:

When giving out corporate as well as academic presentations there is a variety of different clips and objects that one has to display. To exhibit those tables, charts and objects in a clear manner one must ensure that they are rightly sized. The PowerPoint provides its users with a feature that enables to resize added objects in one single go. This feature also helps in maintaining sustainability.

  1. Fast arrangement of tables and data:

Tables and charts are best for a presentation of data in a comprehensive and meaningful manner. It allows the audience to view systematic data in a quick glance and understand its relationship with other information.

In PowerPoint the user has the ease to clean up the tables for a pleasant visual quickly. This allows even distribution of data and audience can clearly read it in an appropriate size.

  1. Smart Art:

To make your presentation visually more attractive, you need to add the colors and fonts that seek the attention of the audience. Smart Art feature allows the user to select from a variety of text diagrams and infographics to improve the outlook of your presentation.

  1. Template theme:

Once you have added all the information and data to your PowerPoint project, you can change the final outlook by selecting a built theme and color palette from the software and apply it to all the slides at once. Variations and modifications can be made according to the needs and pre-requisites of the users.