The word, “Why” is commonly used in essay questions in order that students can depict their knowledge, reasoning, and thoughts about a particular subject. The question, “why” helps students to progress with their essays. Students analyze the essay writing process by answering the question, “why” rather than creating a list of reasons for their essays. It may seem difficult to students to transfer their thoughts onto paper. Following 5 tips will help students to structure their essay perfectly:

Tip 1: You must commence your essay with an introductory paragraph. You must include background information in introduction to answer why the question has been asked. For instance, if you are addressing reasons as to why sea levels are rising, then you may wish to give details about this like “why is it an issue” or “threat to humanity”.

Tip 2: In your introduction, you may like to address the definition of a difficult term or what you think the question wants you to clarify. It will be great if you create an outline to structure your essay.


Tip 3: It is high time you move to the main section of essay after you have successfully completed the introduction. This is the part where you will explain and evaluate possible reasons that may help you answer an essay question, “why”. Remember to introduce each new paragraph with a new factor, because it will bring clarity in your essay. Your intended audience will love to read your essay if it is written in a crystal-clear language.


Tip 4: Give a possible reason in each body paragraph of your essay. Do not forget to give proofs to support your reasons. Discuss reasons for essay in detail with evidences or examples to make your essay look strong.


Tip 5: Your essay should be completed with a concluding paragraph, Summarize things in your conclusion, which you have covered. Rewrite your thesis statement in the essay. You should strongly summarize the main points of your essay if you want to grab attention of your audience.


To sum up, a good essay structure begins with an introductory paragraph where you discuss issues regarding the essay question. You must explain in your essay what essay seeks to clarify. You should allocate a new factor to each new paragraph of the body section. You should conclude your essay by summarizing the main idea of your essay. In a nutshell, you should write a crystal-clear essay if you want to retain audience’ attention throughout your essay.